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Cirrus Aircraft earns 2014 Flieger Award for Best 4-5 Seat Airplane

April 23, 2014

We are honored to have received, at this year’s AERO Friedrichshafen, the 2014 Flieger Award for our SR22 G5, as the best 4–5 seat airplane. The Generation 5 embodies everything that makes a Cirrus a Cirrus…and then some.

The most noteworthy difference in the Generation 5 is the dramatic increase in the load carrying capacity of the SR-series. The Generation 5 SR22 and SR22T can carry 200 lbs more than previous generation Cirrus aircraft.   

In addition, the 2014 models of Cirrus aircraft are improved with striking new features that will be noticed immediately on the ramp. With a new palette of exterior paint colors and the redesigned Carbon and Platinum aircraft paint schemes, 2014 Cirrus Aircraft are set apart for new owners.  Less noticeable but equally important are the new Beringer performance brakes, which enhance braking performance and safety.

The re-designed Generation 5 is complete with the unparalleled safety, innovation and luxury that Cirrus owners have come to expect.